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Potato Cannon Ammo

Tricking out your launcher

Information on different kinds of projectiles to launch out of your spudgun. Make your potato gun really sizzle those potatoes!

The most common thing to launch out of your spudgun, is of course a potato, but other common things include apples, water, confetti, carrots, or maybe even just mud!

The best kind of entertainment with your spudgun is to simply lob potatoes into the lake or at some trees. Launching potatoes into the lake is like a distance competition, and using your spudgun to mash some taters against a tree always leaves a nice squishy deleuzean potato mark, often shaped like a FIST.


Large Calibre Spud Gun Ammunition

Wine bottles The concave ends of some bottles will launch these nice.
Potato-Ice Slugs Potatoes frozen as a weighted end for ice slugs.
Ice slugs made from PVC molds Cheap and easy. Shatters on impact, unlimited supply.
Potatoes The perfect shot. Messy, cheap and fun.
Water for your pneumatic Easy, fast reload. Drenches 'em real good! Great for window washing.
Apples Abundant with a noisy CRACK!
Confetti Great at new years parties.
Air Lame!
Corn on the cob Great for dinner clean-up, shoots straight, nice impact.

Small Calibre Potato Cannon Ammunition

The Perfect Ammo 2.5 inch long 1" dowels, with a 9/16 nylon stop-nut screwed in place. More details coming soon. You saw it here first...
Weighted Nerf Darts Glue a nut on the end of a dart, and it'll go far!
1" Dowels Easy to manufacture and taper various lengths; experiment.
Marshmallows Soft, safe and fun (but they do hurt and will put your eye out).
"C" Batteries Nice fit, but strictly for recreation and physics experiments.
Paper Cones Quick to make, but be safe!

The Perfect Ammunition.

slug The first design used a nylon-ringed stop nut as a weight. The curved end gave it slight aerodynamics, but proved unreliable as it just bent inward upon hitting a hard target. Note the bend at the top left of the picture.
slug The second design uses a regular 9/16 nut. A washer and drywall screw hold it in place. This is working great, but the screw needs re-tightening after every couple shots.
slug This third design is for an incendiary round. A small, flexible plastic container full of liquid napalm is attached to the end of the projectile. Upon impact, it spreads its fiery goo all over the place.

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Be safe and have fun with your potato cannon.