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Spudgun and Potato Cannon Links

Here is a list of some of the best spudgun sites on the net. These have good content, a lot of it, or are updated frequently. It's hard to get all three, trust me I know. Most of the spudgun site links here are amateur or hobby websites. You can find a good deal of information about spuddin gin general, as well as people who have developed different versions of my sniper potato rifle.

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Vochraye Potato Propulsion  
The Spudgun Technology Center  
The Little SpudCannon That Could

Not How to Build an Air Cannon "The web's original air cannon page", great plan.
The Spud Gun Technology Center Insane aluminum gun and tennis ball launchers! A must see!
Spudgun.com This guy builds and sells cool combustion guns.
X Inventions Andy's great site with his PAC's.

These sites are of much interest to people like us who like to build and shoot things. Oh hell, these are just awesome.

RPG Custom Guns and Artillery These guys make some serious paintball gun and pneumatic launcher mods.
The Supersonic Spudster A 1997 Article at Wired about spudguns.
PlumbingSupply.com The net's best resource for just about any PVC connection!