PSR-01 Pneumatic Sniper Rifle Air Cannon


Breech Loading Spudgun Sniper Rifle

This launcher is incredible. It's design and look alone is intriguing and intimidating enough to give any potato the willies. It operates like other pneumatic launcher, except this is built to simulate a rifle. Air flows through the angled stock, from a chamber underneath the barrel. A breech loader has been added for ease of loading projectiles.

The concept for this gun came from Xinventions. The following design is my adaptation and advancement of the previous design.

A PVC sniper rifle like this can be used in Airsoft games or perhaps even paintball. The idea here would be to use paintball grenades or sabots to launch from the spudgun. In an Airsoft game, you can use the pneumatic spudgun to launch a sabot of BBs or perhaps as a diversionary tactic.



Pipe can be bought in 5' sections.
3/4" Pipe
1" Pipe
2" Pipe
3/4" 90 deg. Elbow x3
3/4" 45 deg. Elbow x6
3/4" Tee x2
3/4" to 1" Male thread
1" to 3/4" Bushing
1" to Female thread
1" to Male thread
2" x 1" Bushing
2" Coupling
2" Endcap
Tire Valve
1" RainBird In-line solenoid sprinkler valve



The stock assembly is the main part of the gun. I cannot give you accurate measurements, as I built it to fit my large physical profile. I will post better measurements when I find my schematics again. Stoppers (pictured below) are not necessary. Don't worry about them. Simply glue the stock pieces as shown. Feel free to change the position/length of the stock and handle to suit you.

I made the chamber 2' 6". I felt this allowed for ample volume while maintaining a low profile. Great volume is not so necessary in this gun, as you are shooting smaller, lighter projectiles (not large potatoes, although with another barrel you could).

sniper rifle

For construction of the breech loading mechanism, please see the breech loader mod page. Construction of the firing mechanism is seen below, or for more detailed parts, see the ESVC-01 page. Wire the electronics like so. More plans to come later. Place the momentary switch in its obvious location, you will need extra wire to do so. I just duct taped mine in place (oh yes).


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