Spudgun Mods Trick out your Air Cannon


Modding Your Potato Cannon

The main featured mod on this site is the breech loader. The breech loader is used exclusively with the potato sniper cannon, but a larger version can be created to work with any spudgun. While effective for small potatos, it can also be used for apples or something. If you're a player of AirSoft or Paintball sports, some of these launcher mods or potato cannons might be able to assist you in your game.

Coming Soon: Potato Corers!

Use this handy gadget for making quick slugs for use in your potato cannon. It works great for popping out several slugs form a single spud for use in the potato rifle.

Breech Loader for 1" Spudguns

This barrel modification is used primarily in conjunction with the PSR-01 pneumatic potato gun . This device allows for easy breech loading of small bore projectiles into the pneumatic launcher, and operates exactly like other breech loading rifles. This unit has an entire barrel as well, it is not an add-on like sound suppressors, as seen on other web pages. I give credit to Xinventions for the idea, and the following is my original design.


  • 16" of 1 1/2" Pipe
  • 40" of 1" Pipe
  • Small hose clamp for 1" Pipe
  • Screw and wooden dowel for lock
  • 1 1/2" Bushing x2
  • 1 1/2" Coupling x2
  • 1" to Male thread Washer (information below)



spud gun plans - ASSEMBLY

First off, you need a 40" section of 1" pipe, this is for the barrel. Taper one end to a smooth finish at about 45 degrees. This is to make a tight fit with the washer. Find a washer that fits tightly inside the 1 1/2" pipe and will seal correctly with the barrel. This is important to secure an airtight seal. (I and others who have built this gun have incredible difficulty forming a good seal. As a result of my design, the vibration from the air against the washer creates a deafaning honking sound, not very sniper-like. Any ideas here would be greatly appreciated.) The washer should go between the first bushing and the coupling towards the end of the barrel that screws into the solenoid valve (see below). For the bushing towards the front, you will have to shave off the pipe stop with a Dremel. Make sure it is a good enough shave so the barrel can slide in and out of it with ease.


The 1 1/2" pipe is cut as shown with enough room on top to allow access to the barrel. The section is about 1 1/2" from one end, and runs the length of the breech for 8 1/2". Use a Dremel tool to cut the opening, or alternatively, drill a section large enough to fit a small saw blade in and cut the hole with a saw. The notch should be as wide as the piece of wood you use for the handle. See notch and handle in pictures below. Once the couplings and bushings are glued and dried in place slide in the barrel, tapered end first and find where the clamp should be so the barrel fits tight with the washer. Just glue on the remaining threaded piece that screws into the valve to make it modular with your guns.

Breech open.
breech loader
Breech closed.

This barrel allows for creative uses in ammunition including carrots, paper cones, marshmallows, batteries, dowels and more. See the ammo page for more ideas.