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Spud Gun and Potato Cannon Plans

Looking for plans, pics, or diagrams to build your own DIY spudgun or potato gun? Look no further! Check out these awesome detailed plans. MS Paint for the win!

Hairspray Cannon

Potato Gun

Want the classic? Look here for plans for the original hairspray powered potatogun.

air gun
Basic Pneumatic Cannon


Air Cannon Plans

This is a great gun to start with for beginners or those venturing into pneumatics. Many high-power cannons are modified versions of this.

pneumatic spudgun
Electronic Solenoid Valve Cannon

Pneumatic Potato Gun

This gun is the simplest electronically actuated air cannon. I recommend this for skillful hobbyists. Many advanced designs come from this concept.

sniper air rifle
Sniper Rifle

Sniper Potato Gun

An entirely new approach, this gun is frightening. Launching small bore projectiles through a breech, it is menacing to behold, and a beauty to see.

breech load spudgun
Breech Loader Barrel

Pneumatic Spud Gun Mod

This modified barrel loads just like a regular breech loadin rifle. It uses modular 1" connections and works best with the rifle.

paintball tank
Paintball Tank

Awesome Paintball Tiger Tank

This tank features real treads, can go 20 MPH, and has a 360 degree rotating turret with a massive paintball air cannon!