BCC-01 Basic Combustion Cannon


Spudzooka - Hairspray Potato Cannon

The Mother of all spud guns

Spud Gun Plans

This is your standard potato gun. Aka spudzooka, spudgun, potato cannon, hairspray cannon, vegetable masher.

This homemade fun agent is what started it all, and what will bring the revolution. Sources say it started from an early hairspray tennisball lobber in the 50's, but who knows.

This is perhaps one of the cheapest and simplest potato guns to make. Consisting of 6 parts, it can be built in many designs or forms, but they all follow the same basic and classic spudgun form.


A projectile (usually a potato) is rammed down a long barrel. A flammable agent (usually hairspray or like propellant) is then sprayed into a large combustion chamber made of PVC Pipe. This is the sealed.

An ignition source (usually flint or piezo-electric) causes the gases inside the chamber to ignite and expand. The resultant explosion propels the projectile (potato) from the barrel at great speed and with great amusement.




This potato cannon has a four foot barrel of two inch pipe. The combustion chamber is 16 inches long and is four inch diameter pipe. The Coleman lantern lighter can be found at Gander Mountain. All PVC pieces are schedule (SCH) 40 pipe. First cut all pieces to length and clean the ends to be glued. Drill a hole for the lantern lighter and install it in the 4 inch pipe, toward the rear end. Make sure it fits right, you may have to countersink it. Taper the front end of the barrel to a point to help shave the spuds. Glue all the red areas with PVC glue only. Obviously, don't glue the cleanout cap. Let the assembly sit overnight. WARNING: Don't spark the igniter while the glue is fresh or the fumes could ignite.

Potato Cannon Plans


combustion cannon

spudgunThis spud cannon is cheap and easy to build. This one cost around $20. $15 for pipe and fittings, $5 for sparker. Don't forget to get glue and primer, about $7 extra.

This potato gun fires great. I used Dr. Scholls, but I've been told Aqua-Net hairspray is the best. Hairspray leaves sticky residue though. I was able to lob potatoes about 100 yards.