Paintball Tank Air Cannon on Treads


Paintball Tank - Paintball Aircannon Madness!

This air cannon is a step up in madness. Will Foster from Flint, Michigan got annoyed playing paintball -- all the "tanks" on the fields were just golf carts with guys in them. So he took it a step up and built a half-scale Panzer Tank! It goes 20 MPH, is a street-legal slow moving vehicle, and most importantly, carries a 360 degree rotating turret which unleashes a hellstorm of paintballs!

Foster estimates current parts total around $2,000 but more than $10,000 was spent on trial-and-error engineering. In the true status of ingenuity and potato gun style, the air cannon shoots varied munitions including golf balls and empty Red Bull cans. It's powered by a scuba tank that gives about 50 shots.

Aside from being a curiosity -- "Kids run after us like we're the ice cream man when we take it out," Foster remarks -- the tank has given him valuable job experience.

After listing it on his resume Foster was recruited by armored vehicle maker Force Protection Inc. for a summer co-op job that he starts this month. Force Protection's Buffalo was seen in the new Transformers Movie.

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